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I had a lifter fail and take out the LPOP, so I'm looking at a full rebuild. My question is what should I upgrade while I'm in there.

Currently the truck is stock other than and EGR delete with stock exhaust straight piped.

My plan is to beef up the engine and get the most bang for the buck as far as a DD with stock transmission.

My current plan is to do...
Dynamic diesel stage 1 overhaul kit with ARP studs and rod bolts
Sinister oil cooler
new LPOP with covers
SCT Livewire TS+
125gph FASS with regulated return
58V FICM with tune
4" turbo back straight pipe
Sinister update kit
Coolant filter
larger transmission pan
Empire DD solenoid

Is there anything I'm missing or that would be a waste of money to run with a stock tranny and daily driver?
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