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New tires for the dually ??

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Ok, heres the deal.
Getting ready to put on new tires. I'm going with explorer pro comp xtreme mud terrain. Question. How much space do I need between the rear wheels to fit a 285/75/16 ? The firestone 265/75/16's have a good inch of space between them now. Possible I wont need a spacer ? 2nd question, if I do need a spacer, anyone got a recommendation ?
Need info pretty quick, gotta have em on before next weekend truck pulls.
Thanks guys!
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Yup, I'll be there. What kinda rules do they have? Can I run the solid blocks in the rear? Almost everyone in the e-city pull that did well ran solid a solid rear suspension. Also planning on adding a fuel pump too.

Thanks for the quick reply, I checked out the site/ sent a quote request.
Hopefully have everything done by sat.:redspotdance:
Yeah, lemme know when!
Talked to Fred today, cool guy! Didnt expect to hear back so soon. I sent him an e-mail from the site you posted last night, and he called me this morning, cool! As soon as I get the tires on, we'll see how much spacer it needs, and order some. I dont want to go more than needed and look stupid.
Again, very nice guy, I'd recommend anyone needing adaptors or spacers call him.
Thanks for the referal!
Fred told me any spacer under 2" and you will have to trim the wheel studs. Just an FYI.

Yup, thats what he told me too.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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