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New project truck.

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After looking at all of the other Power Stroke sites this one is by far the best one- in my opinion. So to all the regular members here - Hello!

I've been driving PS's in a total of 5 different F series service trucks. A 95, o1, o3, o7 and 2o11 trucks. Most were 55o's. By far the best truce was a o7 with the auto. Drove almost to 3oo,ooo miles. Most were very HARD miles working on Komatsu forestry machines in the UP of MI.

So recently a friend of mine offered a 97 F25o for only $3oo. Hardly any rust on the body but the engine had not been started in nearly 5 years. With new Cat batteries and a fresh oil change and new fuel and filter the engine will not pop off. The truck is still in the field over a half hour from my house. Plus with below temps outside it's going to be a bitch to get it started.

So I have an equipment trailer lined up for my 99 SD or I hire a flat bed to grab it. Not sure what route to take. I'll throw some pics up for you guys to laugh at.


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Welcome to the site, it's great to have you here

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