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New guy from Oregon

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I'm excited to join the forum! I just bought my first diesel just before Christmas. Even though it has been freezing, I can't bring myself to roll up the windows! There is no better sound than a turbo diesel. I have some experience with Ford/International diesels as my dad has owned an IDI 7.3 F-250 for years and I always fix it for him when something breaks. Details about my truck are in my sig. I've been lurking on here since I got the truck (daily)...I have wanted a Powerstroke for years, and finally found the right deal on one. Time to learn more and spend more money oh her! (wife and kids permitting lol)

Thanks in advance
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Hurry up an chip it you will enjoy it so much more!
I'm in Eugene AKA hippy town.... Great place to have a diesel so you can floor in next to one of the many horribly mannered cyclists that are all over the place
I use to live in hippy town lol. My parents & brother still live there.
Now SE Washington is home
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