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New Engine. . .Now I Got Oil Problems. . .Help!

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Ok, just got the engine built that's in my sig (yes, i did all the work w/exception to the machining myself). So I have 1 2 or 3 problems, i'm not sure how related they are, but here it goes.

1) I have an oil leak from the rear of the engine. No oil in the valley, no oil coming from the oil plugs in the back of the head. Most of the oil is coming from the inspection cover in the tranny. It is engine oil. It seems to leak after running the truck, but eventually stops after the truck has been shut down. I'm guessing i leak about and ounce or a little more every time. . .it leaves a spot about the size of a dinner plate over night. I checked the h2e mounting and on the front it looks good. . .the exhaust has always been too hot to check the rear, but i'm pretty sure it's not leaking. I'm to the point that i think its an oil plug in the back of the block or the rear main leaking. Not a big deal, i'll get it fixed when i go to Brians to have the tranny retuned for the new power.

2) At start up it takes about 6 seconds to build oil pressure on my guage (the factory idiot guage). With the old motor, it would build pressure nearly instantaneously so i know it should read pressure much quicker. I had a devil of a time trying to get oil pressure to initially start the motor. I ended up packing it w/vasoline to get it to draw pressure and the truck started on the 2nd crank. The entire rebuild kit was a ford issued kit that i purchased through BWD, the entire low pressure pump was replaced with a new one.

3) After i hit the 150mile mark i started having issues starting the truck after it would sit over night. The HPO resevoir is draining out. It can sit for 8 hrs during the day and be fine, but sitting overnight creates a no start truck in the morning. The fix is dumping some oil in the resevoir to give the truck oil to start. It will start and then 6 seconds later i'll have low pressure oil too.

Here are the quick hitters i'm gonna try to trouble shoot this weekend when i have some spare time.

1) Change the oil and filter, maybe the anti-drain back valve in the filter isn't working properly.

2) Check and clean the anti drain back valve in the top of the engine to make sure debris didn't get lodged in the valve and is holding it open.

Beyond that, I'm lost. I'm wondering if one of the oil plugs in the rear of the engine isn't leaking and letting air into the system and the system to drain out as it sits. . .that's the only other solution i can come up with.

Let me know if i'm missing something, or if you have any further ideas of what could be going on with my poor truck.

Thanks in advance,

01 F250 4X4 Super Cab
6" Pro Comp Lift 315 75 16 SuperSwamper SSR's
Built 97 engine, Dynomite BD's, Swamp's Gen III, H2E, Comp 910's, BWD Pushrods, H-11 Headstuds, BTS Tranny, 5" mitre cut stacks.

[email protected] New times to come after the tranny has been updated and dyno tuned.
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There are three "check" valves in the engine. 1 is in the block, drivers side just behind the timing cover. This is a check valve that, when the engine is shut off and then cranked allows oil unfiltered directly from the LPOP to fill the HPOP reservoir and the left lifter gallery. There are two more valves in the rear oil cooler filter adapter casting. 1 is the pressure regulating valve and will dump excessive pressure to the pan. The second valve you can see with the filter removed and this is the filter bypass. If the pressure differential across the filter is too high the valve will open and bypass the filter to keep a good supply of oil to the engine and prevent the filter from blowing off the casting.

I have an aux feed to the HPOP reservoir from the oil filter adapter housing which helped a low pressure problem at high rpm. You might try something like this if you need more oil up there.

A piston cooling nozzle that has fallen off may create a LPOP low pressure complaint, but probably wouldn't have a drain back issue. You probably need to inspect the timing cover closely to see if there is excessive clearance there.
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