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Greetings Forum,

This may be considered a "Stupid Question"? So don't laugh... :pointlaugh:

Just became a Diesel owner the end of last year, but have not really driven them, as I got great deals on 'em and they were fixers. But now I am ready to begin driving them, as repairs to them have mostly been completed.

Oil: I live in Oregon, where in the winter, cooler temps are common. Mostly lower than 40 degrees. After lurking around the forum, before becoming registered, and the last few days after registering, I have been reading a lot of different posts about everything. Some very interesting reads. I sincerely Like your experience, knowledge & willingness to assist.

After reading, I have come to understand that Oil is very important in the operation of our 7.3's (and 6.0's) with the high pressure of the oil in our systems. Mainly in the operation of our injectors, right?
How critical is maintenance? I presume, VERY!
I also tend to think that the correct oil is very important for the type of truck, The amount of mileage on the clock and the climate it will be in?

So, I have Questions:
  • If I change regularly, what is that change interval?
  • With the colder temps, should I be looking at a combo minimum 5W?
  • Because of age and mileage, should the latter be 40W?
  • With regular changes within the proper interval, is Synthetic needed? Is it better than conventional?
  • Looks like Rotella seems to be the most popular. If Rotella, should I look at the "Triple Protection" ? Is that what the "T" stands for?
  • Is it important that label reads: For Diesel Engines?
I also have learned that I should stay with "Motorcraft" for the Oil Filter. So where do most of you usually buy your maintenance supplies?

I am positive that, Other questions will come up as time goes on, but if there are some important other maintenance issues I should make sure I am aware of and stick to, right now, I would appreciate knowing them as well.

Thanks a lot for helping out this new diesel owner.

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The oil gets deputed mainly from the hpop pressurizing it and shearing the molecules apart. Oil is important, especially in a cold environment, however if your not seeing temps around zero, then plug in your block heater and you'll be fine with a 15w40 dino oil, I just moved from northern NV where we would get below zero temps and I ran dino no problem. Synthetic is usually always a 5w40 and or less and it is good for cold starts without plugging it in, along with the fact that good syn resists shear better than dino. Most people I know run 5k miles between changes, I do as well, and all our trucks do fine, even in cold weather. Unless you want to eat the extra cost I day run a good dino 15w40, O prefer valvoline premium blue, but its your choice. The Fl1995 motorcraft isn't necessarily the best, but is the best for the price and I've always gotten mine at walmart for $10.
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