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New cab bushings......rear ones are rattling?

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The cab bushings in my 05' F250 were shot....I had a bad clunking sound whenever I would go over bumps. I installed all new Energy Suspension poly cab mount bushings over the weekend. The big annoying "clunk" is now gone......but instead, I now have this light rattling noise coming from both of the very rear cab bushings. I've pulled them out several times....everything is installed right, nothing is rubbing, and everything is torqued down right (70ft/lbs). No matter what I do.....both of those rear bushings have this rattling noise when I get in the back and bounce the cab around.

It's almost like those threaded tubes with the washers on them that hold the bushings in on the bottom side are hitting some metal somewhere. But even after I pull those out from the bottom and bounce the cab around, I can still hear a rattling noise from each of those bushing mounts. On the smooth pavement it doesn't make noise, but any small bumps and you hear those annoying rattles from the back.

Any ideas?
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Buy once cry once

S&B ;-)
Well.....I went though, torqued everything again...and have given them a few months to "Settle In" to see if they would stop being so noisy. NOPE......these Energy Suspension poly bushings are the most noisy, squeaky, and creaky sounding things I've ever heard. On the highway you don't hear them, but at slow speeds on rough/dirt roads (and even paved roads) sounds like I've driving a 1970's pickup truck that's falling apart. Every bump, shift, or flex of the truck gets the bushings squeaking and creaking. Even my wife asked what was making all of that noise. I think at this point, I'm just going to bite the bullet, spend the $500 on S&B bushings and be done with it.
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