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New Buckeye, N E Ohio

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Hi all, new member from north east Ohio. Just bought a 2005 F250 Fx4. I looked it over good, found a few issues that they are going to fix before I pick it up. Looked for all the usual stuff when buying used, leaks, wear, abuse issues. I checked the 4 wheel drive out, shifts in without a sound and goes into low range. Also comes out of 4 wheel and low range without issue. The truck has been used but doesn't look abused. I also got a really good and complete carfax report. Oil changed every 5000 miles, transmission serviced several times, and the new head bolts and gaskets are done.
Going to be looking around the site for what else I should do to it buying used. I plan on pulling the EGR valve and cleaning or replacing it. Also plan on doing a coolant flush and adding a coolant filter. Anything else I need to do ASAP??
Thanks for any suggestions.
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Remember to look further down into other forum sections that could give better directions. Welcome to PSN!!
Thanks, will do. I am sure I will be asking many questions.
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