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New Best Time 14.86

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Well, Kenny told me to post the results so here they are. I have several runs and I will have to plug in all the time sheets tomorrow.

Best ET was 14.86 @ 89.7x
Backed up by 2 runs of 14.90 @ 89.98

I got the better ET by airing down the tires. 75lbs down to 50 in the front and about 47 in the rear. Better ET but hurt my MPH just a tad.

Anyway, I was all smiles when I went 14.90 my first run! :D

Definitely knew this combo had 14's in it. Still got some issues to address, fuel pressure being one, but this will do for now :ford:
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Re: New Best Time

I'll have to look at the 60' on the fastest run, the others were 2.02-2.04.

I did wire the wastegate shut, but didn't build any more boost. Also bypassed my pre pump and cleaned some of the junk out of my truck. So I lost a little weight, and hopefully didn't drop fuel pressure as bad this time.

Would you guys believe me if I told you I spanked a Dmax with a PPE Hot +2 ET, the hottest programmer PPE has? Well if I said I spanked him on the street I would probably get laughed at.
Last night his BEST run was a 15.3 and 5 mph less than me. :rolleyes:

:ford: FTW
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Re: New Best Time

Congrats Gregrob.

That Dmax was a big turd. I'm thinking it was partly operator error.

It was good to see ya again. You're so much quieter in person, or maybe I'm just loud.:D

We all had fun anyway.
You are loud, well you and Lisa I should say :D

Tom had to move so he could hear me and rocky bsing LOL.

Yes the Dmax is a turd, and the operator is a cheese head.
Re: New Best Time

Thanks Jacob!
Re: New Best Time

Nice work gregrob!!!!!
Thanks Jason. I'm gunnin for ya :gun:

LMAO, yeah right :rolleyes:

Re: New Best Time

1st Run:
R/T ... .569
60' ...  2.045
330 ... 6.035
1/8 ... 9.436
MPH... 72.00
1/4 ... 14.903
MPH ...89.98
2nd Run:
R/T ... .144
60' ...  2.022
330 ... 6.033
1/8 ... 9.438
MPH... 71.93
1/4 ... 14.906
MPH ...89.98
3rd Run: (Pocket rode with me, fatass LOL)
R/T ... .027
60' ...  2.101
330 ... 6.156
1/8 ... 9.590
MPH... 71.34
1/4 ... 15.104
MPH ...89.29
4th Run:
R/T ... .328
60' ...  1.973
330 ... 5.971
1/8 ... 9.377
MPH... 71.85
1/4 ... 14.869
MPH ...89.41
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Got a full second on yah hurry the hell up Greg
All elevation, I'm sure :poke:
Yeah Gregrob, Dennis' stage ones took him to a 13.8, how come yours are so slow? I think your injector builder didn't know what he was doing. :poke:
Dennis' truck is a midget. :swordfight:

He should trade me injectors
At what boost are you launching at???
I heard alittle tire squeal
That run was kinda low because I saw the car beside me roll through the lights, then back up. Wasn't sure my lights were gonna go but they did. I was like oh crap :tree: and boosted it back up and let go on the last yellow. Was just rising past 10 when I launched, I'd say 12 PSI on that run. Next one was about 20lbs and same ET but slower 60'.

Tried launching at around 10 on the 15.1 run, and was obviously slower, had someone riding with me on that one too.

14.86 Run I aired down the tires and launched hard, right at 20. Still hopped and squealed the tires on that launch. I know that loses momentum when it hops and barks. What should I do? :shrug:

I should try some of elmo's limiters :D
What tune are you running in??

I'm launching between 10-15 lbs, no tire spin but I'm running 295/75/16's. I'm hitting the 60' mark at 1.9 sec.

Oh wait just thought about it. Your losing fuel pressure right? I bet if you get that taken care of you should lower your times.............................................still wont be as fast as me:pointlaugh:
If I had a built tranny and everything worked right I might pull a 14.3-4 at low elevation.

Remember this is 5500ft, dropping fuel pressure, stock turbo, mostly stock tranny. :doh:

My DP extreme tune is what I run in. I tried the next one lower a couple weeks ago, and it was a tad slower. My extreme tune has on/off lockup and all the fuel he can give me.
Thanks Nigel. :D

Where you been old man :poke:
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