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Hey guys, I been on Powerstroker Army and the Org for a few months now and have learning a lot. But I've found out when I google questions, most of the answers are coming from this site, so I can see having a 3rd main source is nothing but smart lol

But my name is Kolby, 22 from South Central PA. I have a 04 6.0 with around 65,000 miles. The the truck came from my step dad who had put 56,000 on it in 8 years. (Yes mostly a drive way decoration. But Iit's fully loaded and has originial factory brakes on it. It was a great deal, despite the downfalls of the 6.0

So far I have a No Limit intake, EGR Butterfly deleted, CCV reroute to the top of the fuel tank, CTS with egt and fuel pressure probe, and blue spring mod. I have a sinister egr delete kit waiting in the box until I order some ARP studs and OEM Oil Cooler. And if the money is there, I'm going with a KC Turbo stage 2 upgrade. Should run to suit me for awhile until I decide to with the SCTx4 tuner.

Looking a Sinister Coolant filter, ARP Studs, and OEM Oil Cooler

Few pictures of my rides. The ones that make the money, and the ones I spend the money on lol

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