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Needing help...

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2001 f-350 7.3. new cam sensor, new Ipr valve, new Ipr sensor, new oil pressure sensor. Newer hpop, driver side injectors are new.. and 2 on passenger side are new.. truck ran and then studdered and shut off. And won't start back and won't build oil pressure.. full of oil. What can be the issue? Help please. 馃槱
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Crankcase is full have not checked the res for the hpop
I just now finished putting the other two new injectors in. It seems like they are sticking open and allowing the truck whenever it idles down to just die because the oil pressure is so low. And then whenever it dies it does not want to start. So I am going to let all the oil that possibly got into the cylinders drain past the rings and everything and after work tomorrow I'm going to try and start the truck. This time with all four injectors being new on the passenger side. The problem started with the number one injector sticking open allowing oil to just pass through and not fire the injector. And then from that it went on through to the next injector and then so on and so forth. Apparently stiction is a thing with factory injectors and with people prolonging stuff and then me ending up with the headache of it.
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Does the oil pressure gauge on the dash work for just the low pressure or high pressure?
My reservoir is full of oil and it still won't start.
Yes it is brand new. And when the truck dies it would take a minute before the oil pressure would build back up.
Almost like the low pressure oil pump is going bad. Except for the truck will not start back at all even whenever that reservoir is full.
When the truck dies I'm not thinking about checking that. But the truck hasn't tried to fire up since I replaced the injectors last night. And before that it died because the air heater kept grounding out and killing the ignition. And now it just won't start back it hasn't started in about a week. But yes it is like it takes about a minute or two of cranking before I see oil pressure.
Today I'm going to pull the h-pop off and get it warrantied out with a new one.
Before when I had two injectors just stick open and just not let the oil pressure build the ICP was around 340.. would not go higher and would not go any lower.
Changed one injector and it would fire up. Next day died. Popped another one. Replaced it fired up. So I replaced the rest and it still won't start.. just here clicking. And no start.
Sounds like something clicking under the dash. Gets faster as it heats up the glow plugs.
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Lol I've read up on it and it sounds like it's a low power thing.
I need to order a new OBD2 Bluetooth reader. I have the FORScan app and the Fordsys app.
I literally just forgot about having a laptop . Just downloaded it.
Actually that was Fordsys. Where do you download the FORScan
Also it only does it when I get on the throttle hard. And let off. And then it does out and won't start back..
So unplugged the ICP sensor and it fired up
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Everything was clean everything was replaced by a diesel mechanic over in the county that I live in. This truck has just never been service properly. And I guess that has caught up to me. I'm assuming the previous owners who installed two tuners and all the other nonsense that has went on with this truck to just Band-Aid it until I got it.
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