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Needing help...

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2001 f-350 7.3. new cam sensor, new Ipr valve, new Ipr sensor, new oil pressure sensor. Newer hpop, driver side injectors are new.. and 2 on passenger side are new.. truck ran and then studdered and shut off. And won't start back and won't build oil pressure.. full of oil. What can be the issue? Help please. 馃槱
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Just because something is new doesn't mean it works ( I had a brand new Ipr that ended up just not working)
I think the oil pressure sensor is located on top of the HPOP reservoir ( I'm not completely sure though)
If you could get some codes that will help us figure out what's going on.
after the truck dies is the reservoir full? is it a minute of cranking it takes to get the oil pressure back?
I had a similar issue where my truck would take about 30-50 seconds to build oil pressure then it would start trying to start, it ended up being my HPOP
I am not completely sure that's your problem though, It could be a bunch of other things, that was just something that happened to me. You could test your HPOP pressure to see if it's bad
what do you mean by clicking?
Not exactly what that noise is, it seems I am out of knowledge for this 馃槀
Is the tuner still on the truck, those can cause issues like this ( I had a tuner on my 7.3 and when I would go full throttle then let off it would die)
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