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Needing help...

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2001 f-350 7.3. new cam sensor, new Ipr valve, new Ipr sensor, new oil pressure sensor. Newer hpop, driver side injectors are new.. and 2 on passenger side are new.. truck ran and then studdered and shut off. And won't start back and won't build oil pressure.. full of oil. What can be the issue? Help please. 馃槱
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Welcome to PSN!
Did you do all that at once? When you say, "full of oil", do you mean the crank case or the HPOP? The HPOP should be within 1/4" of the top.

Do you have codes? Do you have a code reader? if not ---

1. Get FORScan scanning software for Fords (free) and an OBDII reader. Greatest troubleshooting tool ever! I do not have financial interest in this tool. I just love it.
$12 for the 1-year PC license (not necc) and $7 for the android. OBDII reader $20-$60.

2. DO NOT throw parts at it . . . if you must, then make them Motorcraft parts. Ford diesels are quite particular about their sensors.

3. Come back with the codes. Lots and lots of smart people here!
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Does the oil pressure gauge on the dash work for just the low pressure or high pressure?
Just for the low pressure oil from the crank case.
My reservoir is full of oil and it still won't start.
That tells you the low pressure pump works fine, because that is what fills the reservoir.
Today I'm going to pull the h-pop off and get it warrantied out with a new one.
How old is the High Pressure Oil Pump? Rare for the new ones to quit on you.
Changed one injector and it would fire up. Next day died. Popped another one. Replaced it fired up. So I replaced the rest and it still won't start.. just here clicking. And no start.
How are you deciding which injector(s) to replace?
Sounds like something clicking under the dash. Gets faster as it heats up the glow plugs.
Lol I've read up on it and it sounds like it's a low power thing.
If your Air Intake heater is shorting out, unplug it. Make sure you wrap the connector in tape because it will go hot.

You are charging your batteries every night, right?

Throwing parts at it is expensive and doesn't help, as you've seen.

Get the FORScan app, and a reader, and let the truck tell you what is going on.
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I need to order a new OBD2 Bluetooth reader. I have the FORScan app and the Fordsys app.
Best to run the FORScan on a PC.

I just got this one:

It seems well made.
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