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Well I have a 6 inch lift right now that I think is all springs in the front and I know its a big block in the back. I have no idea who made the lift, I bought it with it on the truck. I want to bring it down to maybe 3-4 inch lift (enough to clear 35's). So I have been PMing OBSWIZ about a lift and would like to get some more recommendations as well. I am looking for it to be relatively inexpensive but I would really like the smoothest ride as possible. I really don't tow anything, in face I have owned the truck for almost 2 years and towed once. I have some pictures so you can see what I have on my truck.

I also want to mention that my front leafs on the lower ones are broken and my back passenger side is broken as well. I would like to know what I need to maybe fix the back springs or if I should just get new springs all around. Truck has 130,000 miles on it.

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