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Need instructions on Installing 6.0 cooler in my x

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I am getting ready to install my 6.0 L transmission cooler. Anybody have instructions they are willing to share?

I have heard anyplace from one to six hours.

The X is my only vehicle so any little pieces of hardware I need to have on hand is a great help.


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Not sure what an "x" is but I put on in my 2000 crew, it was easy. Take the plastic grille out, unbolt the condinser off the support, unbolt the origonal tranny cooler, undo the tranny lines and pull the old cooler out.

Before fitting the 6.0 cooler in fasten about a foot of 1/2" rubber line to each barbered boss. Make sure to get the nuts off the origonal cooler tabs and place them on the new cooler. Now put the new cooler in, secure it, secure the condenser and replace the grille. On the ends of the 1/2" lines that are now hanging use a couple fittings to go from 1/2" to 3/8" and run them to the tranny and the rad cooler. I think it took me maybe an hour.
Thanks! I am not familiar with all the newer Ford names or acronyms. This is the newest rig I have owned in many years. I am used to my ol 71 Ford highboy talk :ford:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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