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Yesterday I put my rear driveshaft in with new U-joints in it and after I put it in I took it for a test drive. Got about a 1/4 mile and bang my front U-joint on the rear driveshaft breaks and drops the driveshaft. I pulled off the driveshaft and put it into 4x4 to get the truck back to the house. Last night I went to start it and try to move it and no go. It grinds when I try to put it back into park and with the 4x4 on it wont move. The tailshaft still spins but a no go with the front wheels. What could be the problem. The driveshaft is going back to the shop that I had press the U-joints into and going to make them cover that one U-joint but as for the transfercase which is what I am thinking is the problem not to sure if they will do anything on that. I still have a warranty but I am not familiar with the Ford dealer out here in Yucca Valley CA. Can anybody help me out here with some advice about this dealer and about what this problem could be?
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It grinds trying to put in park - maybe because trans is still rolling shafts. If back shaft is spinning, the front is not connecting. Might be locking hub not engaged, allowing trans to free wheel and that's why the grind going into park. If not working in either high or low range 4x4, then I would expect front hubs.
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