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need help with a game plan!

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got an 05 w/ mods listed in my sig.

lookin to run 13s on 1/4

need reliabilty, streetability when i need it, and also fuel economy when i need it.

plans to 6inch lift and 35 all terrains, a detroit trutrac also..

motorwise: studs, vgt-ss turbo upgrade??????, injectors, fuel pump, tranny work to keep up, accufab intake elbow (any good?) Spearco IC....anything else??
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For the tranny a bts for sure.
logan- are you retarded? he's in california, actually he lives in my town. if he gets a tranny, you know who's tranny he'll be getting.
he still is, he's just been working on some other stuff and for the most part just doesnt want to TUNE a 6.0 anymore. he said the headaches just arent worth it.
uh.... yeah thats it. tuning the fastest 6.0 in the land means he doesnt know how to tune them. jackass.
i dont think he cares.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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