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ok Im new to powerstrokenation forums but very reputable forums so figured i would look here for help as well as other forums.

ok i have a 94 f250 SRW 7.3 idi XLT 4x4 with a E4OD. I had a 94.5 PSD given to me by a friend out of an old work truck (94.5 f350 2x4 XL 7.3 PSD DRW with 5 speed. Motor ran great prior to pulling it out of his truck but rear was shot and 5 speed was a new Jasper reman so didnt have the $ to buy the reman from him.

I took all the underhood wiring as well as all the dash wiring and everything else needed for the motor swap. However i do need a ECU from an auto 7.3 PSD im told to make my trans work with the PSD (i got the torque converter and flexplate). But now im being told i also need the WIRING from an auto 95-97 PSD aswell as the ECU and trans wiring?
My trans plug looks the same as the one thats in the PSD truck except the donor trans plug (at the firewall) is missing 10 wires out of the plug vs mine only has 3 open pins. can anyone give me a SOLID answer on what electrical parts i need to find for this swap????? i have everything else needed for this swap except this trans wiring dilemma and i also need a cranksharft spacer for the flexplate for an E4OD for the PSD as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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