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So I am in need of rebuilding the hubs in the rear end. My issue is locating all the part numbers needed to rebuild the hubs. I did locate a forum on here and this one as well My biggest issue is that these parts come up for a 99 or newer and I have a 96 which I am damn sure its the Sterling 10.25 being my F250 is the 8800 GVW model. if anyone can give me a link to a forum, maybe the parts list or even confirm the site I posted above would help me tremendously. Thanks yall.

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Outer bearing is C7TZ-1240-A
Outer race. C7TZ-1239-A
inner bearing is serviced with the updated seal. F4TZ-1S177-C
inner race has been discontinued, it used to be B6T-1243-A
Outer LM104949
Race LM104911
Inner. 3992
Race. 3920
Assuming F350 SRW

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