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2004 Ex 6.0 (build date of 02/2003) with 290k, monitor engine parameters with a scangauge ii.

Threw a P2285 and running rough, I changed the ICP sensor and no change. Towed to Dealership where they updated FICM, TCM & PCM. Dealer claimed “FICM passed test by small margin” & “possible FICM issue”. Found #1 & #6 injectors has no power.

Replaced all 8 injectors.

KOEO FMP is 48, FVP is 12, FLP is 12.

Master ASE friend suggested stuck turbo vane or VGT stuck. Tried a new VGT, and did the VGT relearn, no change.

Still has a dead pedal, chugs until 150° then idle smooths out. It takes until its at 165+ before it will even move in gear. It stumbles and has bad hesitation, but once it gets over 1k, it clears up and has minimal lag from a stop for maybe 10 min. Good throttle response after & has no issue getting up to 24psi.

KOEO ICV is .65v and ICP shows 447. I believe spec is .2 and 0 - would that indicate another faulty ICP/wiring issue?
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