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I have a 03 f350 diesel with a 6.0
Our tranny went out we Got it rebuilt with heavy duty parts it still shifted hard when we got it back we took it back and they said it's a new tranny it needs to adjust to it plus it's because it was rebuilt with heavy duty. It kept doing it and gradually got worse we took it back again they said it was a solenoid and wasn't covered under warranty due to it being electrical we got that replaced and it still had a delayed/hard shift I only drive 3 days a week and less than probably 350 miles a month Friday it wouldn't shift at all getting up a hill it struggled a lot my husband said the tranny seems like toast and the fluid smelled burned. We just got it rebuilt in March is it possible it could be the tranny again or could it be something else? I haven't tried driving it since Friday so I'm unsure if it won't shift or if it was just that day the tranny shop was closed but I feel like they are just going to give another excuse tomorrow we will see

Thank you
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