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Need a long block

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I am looking to get a long block built for my 97 f350. Is there any recommendations yall could give on builders? It would be a simple long block. Haven't had much time to look around and thought I would come to the pros.... Would like the builder to be able to install studs and springs while building it. Everything else I could do once I get it home. I live outside of Houston but it doesn't have to be from here. Thanks in advance....
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Swamps is the route to go.
DieselInnovations is in Houston, he's done his share of 7.3 performance work.
Forgot about DI. Good suggestion Dave
I just emailed DI. He's been around for a while huh? Sounds like I might be headed out there. Has anyone ever used Ashville Engines out of N.C.? Or Black Water Engines out of Virginia?
No black water. To many bad reviews from various guys wanting to move away from stock.
DI has been around for along time. Done some good builds, great reputation and top notch products. I'd suggest you call them and discuss your plans.
Thanks Zach. Calling them tomorrow when I get off work
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