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Anyone know a KNOWLEDGABLE and experienced tuner in AZ? Preferably N. AZ... Prescott, Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, but will go down to the valley (Phoenix) if needed. I'm not going to someone who read about something once, or thinks they are going to feed me all kinds of ****. I am a nomad living in my 5th wheel, so no longer have access to a shop and all my tools to do my own stuff. I can spot lines of **** from shops, which it seems 99% of like to spew. They love to start throwing parts at things, making up all kinds of garbage. My issue:

2016 F350 that had to be deleted to get my girlfriend back on the road when she moved up here from Florida, using my recently purchased used truck, and dragging a trailer. Even empty, the thing is getting some of the worst mpg I have ever seen in a diesel truck. It has a tune on it to deal with the fact the DPF was chopped out. It's open source, so can be modified. I need a better mpg tune in it. I thought a deleted truck was BETTER on mpg, not worse! My 2012 was WAY better towing than this is empty. Something surely can be done.

I also have an issue with the Body Control Unit that needs attended to by someone with the software and knowledge. Keys won't accept programming for locks, horn won't work, couple other items, all allegedly related to that BCM.

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How was the tune applied?

Go with Hydra if you are looking or a tuner.
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