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Need A/C help

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Hi guys

Here is my problem The AC doesnt work it only blows out hot air but if you turn up the heat it gets hotter. The A/C clutch is not engaging either.

I have checked the fuse in the right corner third down from the top under the dash.

I see that their is a relay and a diode under the hood. Do these go bad? How can you test if they are good or bad?

I need help quick because I am in Sacramento and the return trip is going to be hotter then hell:lame:

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I suspect you were running the AC lean and burnt a piston in the compressor :smirk:

Try some radiator stop leak and put a block of ice in the glovebox, worked for me once.

Maybe try hooking up a set of gauges to the system and see whats going on instead of guessing.

System takes exactly 2.5lbs of R134A

This job takes a professional with proper tooling LOL:rockwoot:


you so increadibly wrong on running the system "lean" and breaking the pump......there is this sensor thingy that protects the pump thingy from compressing when the low side gets below about 25psi
Sure you can here ya go, relay testing for dummies.

Of course you could've typed in "how to check a relay" and gotten the same result. :D

I don't know why you'd want to, again, none of the relays in your truck have anything to do with the A/C clutch. ...R

Are you stoned or just flat eat all the way up with the dumb ass.:poke:


wanna compete to see who can be the biggest dick head LOL


You can have your swords :gun:
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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