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My truck (and trailer) got stolen a few weeks back. I saw him take off. I chased the guy. He ditched it and ran after 15 minutes of trying to elude me.

I drove it for real the first time today. I had to put my trailer into storage. Nothing has been done to it since it was stolen except that its been looked at a lot by the insurance company. :)

My truck has a Cummins and a ZF6. The guy didn't know how to drive a stick and smoked the hell out of the clutch. Imagine big blue clutch smoke clouds on takeoff.

The truck smelled like burnt clutch and brakes when I picked it up from the impound. It smelled up my garage when it was parked in it. I drove it a very little bit and it went away. Today I pulled the trailer about 40 miles and it smelled the whole time. The clutch seems to hold just fine.

Now I don't know if the smell is from the clutch. What else could it be ?

I'm beginning to think the transmission is toast. Its grinding gears on every shift.

Ideas ? What else could make a burning smell ?

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