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Hopefully this helps someone out that is trying to get the best shine possible out of their paint. This is a lengthy process but will have your paint swirl fresh and bring a depth and shine to your paint like no other.


Wash and Clay

1. Wash rims and tires first with bucket and washing equipment completely separate from paint cleaning.
2. Wash vehicle from top to bottom with strong liquid detergent ( I use Dawn). This will completely strip the paint of existing wax which is what you want to do this process.
3. Clay Bar the vehicle from top to bottom until no rough patches are felt and paint is smooth as glass.
4. Re wash entire vehicle to remove any containments the clay bar freed.
5. Dry completely.

Notes: Using the 2 bucket method with grit guards is the safest way to wash your vehicle without creating new swirls. Use microfiber wash mits, never sponges or brushes unless brush is premium boars hair and CLEAN
Drying with microfiber specific towels is the safest way to dry without creating new swirls

I cannot give what pad combo I use on my truck and say it is universal because everyones paint will need different aggressiveness paint correction ( swirl and scratch removal) however I will give my combo and say that it produced amazing results for my lightly swirled paint.

Porter Cable D/A Polisher
Wolfgang 3.0 Total Swirl Remover
Wolfgang 3.0 Finishing Polish
Lake Country Orange and Red Pad


1. Work in 2'X2' sections at a time, this will allow you to completely remove defects and allow polish to do its job without drying too fast
2. Apply one drop of polish to pad and spread evenly with finger, or spritz with quick detailer or pad conditioner. This conditions the pad and eliminates dry buffing.
3. Set speed to 3 and evenly spread product on working section
4. Once product is spread set speed to 5 and make a total of 6 passes on section; 3 side to side, 3 up and down in overlapping fashion. This eliminates swirls and light scratches at all angles for complete removal. Your arm speed should be extremely slow, and buff until product begins to dry.
5. Buff polish with microfiber to remove polish.
6. Repeat on entire vehicle.

Finish Polish.

1. This process is the same as above but with a few exceptions:
Switch to less aggressive pad, and set speed on polisher to 4; you are now jeweling the paint to get that insane shine.


1. Switch to a white or black pad and apply your favorite sealant to entire vehicle in a uniform spread. ( I use Chemical Guys Jet Seal) Follow directions for cure times.


1. Use white or black pad again and apply in same fashion as sealant. ( I use Collinite 845 insulator wax) Ive used upwards of $100+ wax and nothing compares in my opinion to collinite 845.

Final touches

1. Get 4-5 micro fiber towels and remove all missed polish/sealant/wax.
2. Spritz with favorite quick detailer ( I user Chemical Guys v7) and apply no pressure, just glide the micro fiber on paint to remove dust etc.
3. Clean glass and chrome and apply favorite tire dressing and trim dressings.

Sit back and enjoy your hard work!

Polishing Process, Note all Swirls/Defects are removed
image_zps5f5be649.jpeg Photo by benshelto1990 | Photobucket

Final Outcome
image_zps631ba22e.jpeg Photo by benshelto1990 | Photobucket

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My process:

1. Drive into detailer
2. Leave vehicle
3. Return to detailer couple hours
4. Write check
5. Drive out of detailer
6. Drive home
7. Put feet up
8. Open ice cold beer
9. Smile

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good write up

I could not stand to spend that much time on my truck
and if I did
a flock of birds would chit on it right after the Monsoon passed through my driveway

My other twin turbo...
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Sounds like a full weekend. Your truck looked really good in the pic, what kills me is how fast and easy vehicles get dirty even in good weather.

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It makes me tired just reading it.

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I've done the same procedure to my last 2 trucks but haven't gotten around to doing my current 06. When I did my extended cab short box 99 F250 it took about 20hrs total to do it, and I was hurrying at the end and cut some corners. The reason I haven't done my 06 yet is because its a crew cab long box and there is no way I can do it with enough attention to detail in a weekend.

I will say this though, the paint really does go through a transformation afterwards. You also get the added benefit of water and other junk not sticking to the truck like it normally would. All this effort is a once a year deal, and then just quick washes in between. I did all the above steps to my wheels after I got my truck, and almost 3 years later I can simply wipe all the brake dust off them. It has not been able to penetrate the wax even after it was allowed to sit for 6mo.
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