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My hitch...

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Well what do you all think??? Going to get its first hook this saturday...:rockon:


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26 1/2"... LOL Its very ajustable!

I'll make ya one, hell I will even powdercoat it... but it will be PINK to match your truck...
Solid, then there is a 1/2" gusset behind the 3/4 plate steel...
Looks good, is the eye diamter 3 inch? a word of advice closer you can get the hitch the truck the better you will pull
THanks! I will redrill the hole!
Well 313.62 feet!!! Not bad. Did better the second pull and beat the dually, but the first one he beat me by 3 feet...
hope you have some good bolts. i have seen the bolts give up and pop
907's... the stongest bolt you can get!;)
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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