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Mr Richter I humbly ask for your expertise...

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My trans temps have gone WAY up in the last two weeks. Prior to this, the highest temp I've ever seen was 180* driving like a PRICK on a 118* day over the crooked and steep mountain road I drive daily. Today I hit 230* in the morning with outside temps in the 50's :poke:

Tonight I came home, hooked up a snap-on MODIS I'm borrowing from a friend and went for a test drive. Trans temps with the scanner are +/- 10* of what my autometer gauge says, I even got it up to 240* with ambient in the high 90's. You can monitor alot with this scanner, but I just locked in trans temp, TCC%, TorqueConverterClutch (on/off) and gear. When I LUGGED it on hills with TC locked in 3rd, TCC% shows 100%. A downshift, TCC% drops to about 60% momentarily (this seems ok). If I climb a grade with 2nd gear manually selected, the TC never locks according to the scanner (TCC shows OFF the entire time to any MPH) and my temps rise FAST.

IMO something is wrong... My temps are sky high out of nowhere. So the other weekend I bypassed the bypass valve on the trans by removing it and adding fittings to adapt back to the threads in the trans. After that temps seemed lower and stayed in check a few days.

When I got back tonight and my trans temp was 240*!!! I started feeling the cooler lines and I didn't not burn myself. Seems to me with fluid that hot I should have 2nd degree burns on my hands right?

Tomorrow I'm going to my friends shop to have the transmission flushed with a machine, 10 times if necessary.

Short version of this babble... I'm thinking I have a blockage...? :swordfight:
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Sorry, but it is best to leave the bypass off! This is the cause of most tranning overheating problems. The bypass was used to heat the fluid on units without rad cooling and cheaper to leave in instead of removing. If you had that much converter clutch in the cooler you will have failure soon.

Just to help,if you plan on installing the other parts of the transgo kit you need a better snapring then the one furnished in the kit.This the second design and will still pop out! If you use manuel 1 or 2 on decell then install the tugger. If you do not this part of the kit does nothing for you.

This is for all of you to understand how the trans works. Ford had installed the bypass before the superduty. Yes It will open if the cooler becomesplugged.But if your cooler is plugged then the trans has already failed! Ford used the bypass on the superduty to warm the fluid up on the early years with no rad coolers. I have seen a lot of posts about not using rad cooling. You must use engine temp to bring trans fluid to operating temp. The more even the trans fluid stays the longer the life of the trans.

So the bottom of the radiator will get up to temp before the trans fluid does? I find that interesting. You'd think they would have stuck the cooler in the top.

I find stuff all day that I have to wonder what the hell they were thinking :badidea:

Not starting a war over a damn bypass, they just seem to work fine in hot ass Oklahoma with the coolers set up properly.
All manufactures have ran the trans cooler lines through the cool side first since 1956. I find it hard to believe that they are all stupid! Well except when
Ford used the 6.0 to replace the 7.3.

It is not hot in Oklahoma,try 126 and 80% humidity.

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