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Mr Richter I humbly ask for your expertise...

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My trans temps have gone WAY up in the last two weeks. Prior to this, the highest temp I've ever seen was 180* driving like a PRICK on a 118* day over the crooked and steep mountain road I drive daily. Today I hit 230* in the morning with outside temps in the 50's :poke:

Tonight I came home, hooked up a snap-on MODIS I'm borrowing from a friend and went for a test drive. Trans temps with the scanner are +/- 10* of what my autometer gauge says, I even got it up to 240* with ambient in the high 90's. You can monitor alot with this scanner, but I just locked in trans temp, TCC%, TorqueConverterClutch (on/off) and gear. When I LUGGED it on hills with TC locked in 3rd, TCC% shows 100%. A downshift, TCC% drops to about 60% momentarily (this seems ok). If I climb a grade with 2nd gear manually selected, the TC never locks according to the scanner (TCC shows OFF the entire time to any MPH) and my temps rise FAST.

IMO something is wrong... My temps are sky high out of nowhere. So the other weekend I bypassed the bypass valve on the trans by removing it and adding fittings to adapt back to the threads in the trans. After that temps seemed lower and stayed in check a few days.

When I got back tonight and my trans temp was 240*!!! I started feeling the cooler lines and I didn't not burn myself. Seems to me with fluid that hot I should have 2nd degree burns on my hands right?

Tomorrow I'm going to my friends shop to have the transmission flushed with a machine, 10 times if necessary.

Short version of this babble... I'm thinking I have a blockage...? :swordfight:
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From my understanding during the normal "tranny" flush that we do in our driveway we want that bypass closed and during the procedure we aren't lubing the rear of the tranny so some lack of lubrication over time doesn't seem to be an issue the question is how long is too long and that I have no idea.

No motion of parts such as the driveshaft when your in park in the driveway. Parts not moving won't need lube. Larry, think about a manual clutch. It disconnects the engine from the transmisson. Engines running must have lube on moving parts. Auto Transmissions are differant than engines. The converter is driving the pump for the flush/change your doing. The motion is stopped when you move the lever to P. I don't think you will need to worry as the rear isn't moving for your flush.

It's 1 am and humidity here is 90% or more at 88 degrees. No relief even in the middle of night or early am. Upper 90's and this humidity are a bear. Going outside is like opening the oven door. It's hurricane air without the wind.
if your cooler is plugged then the trans has already failed!
A bypass, If it worked as described in this thread could save parts from lube starve, but time would be short to do so.

The quote has one key sentence that is the final analysis. A converter or less than a full rebuild will be a band aid following a plugged cooler.

Psss: When i buy a new Ford part Loco, it comes with a 1 year guarantee. I just take it back if it fails :D ;)
I can take a poke :poke: if that was for me. I pointed out the wisdom from the rather long winded rest of the thread. I don't always have the time for forums, but read your thread. You'll be filling a new TC with contamination. More will break loose, somes in your roller thrusts you can't get out now. Do what you have to, it's your ride. A Filter in the return line might be something else to consider. Humble??? :D:D:D

I need to find time to fill out my sig and homepage info. :D:D:D Did you know Suncoast is named after a place in FL folks go to retire?!:D
Have a good one.

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