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1) I did a little drive from MN to TX and back to MN.
2) I used all the IDP tunes, plus Eric wrote a MPG tune and I used a KEM 345 tune. I have them all on my SCT and I use a CTS for my gauges.
3) I drove and the GF drove. I rarely drove the speed limit. I didn't post my speeds for someones insightful criticism :blah::blah:. If you post complaints about my speed i'll set your name to ignore and i'll continue on.
4) I posted my speeds, observations, etc.. just as an FYI for others who may be wanting to get a tuner, have one, thinking about changing, etc etc..

I'm just sharing my experience.

Started in Minneapolis onto El Paso, TX, driving I-35 to OK city area, switching down 70 to 40, down to 27 through Canyon, Herford, TX onto Clovis-Portales, NM through Carlsbad on HWY 60-180. Arrived in El Paso. Total time in travel 26 hours one way. Each stop for fuel consisted of letting the dogs run around, crap, eat and drink and sometimes us eating or my GF needing to use the john. Our on road time was less than about 24 due to my trying to make up time.

1st leg
KEM 345 EGTS range ave 625-650 varying flat to soft rolling hills. Boost ave 7-9 psi at 75 MPH.
1st fill up 14.1 MPG.
2nd fill up w/ GF driving @ 70 mph ave 16.8 MPG.

IDP MPG tune
80-85 mph rolling hills, varying high 27 PSI & 660 EGTS and 15 PSI & 550 EGTS
14 mpg, 13.7mpg
*** during a long blast uphill, stayed in 5th, unlocked TC, EGT quickly climbed barely touched 1600 then immediately dropped and leveled off 1150* at 33 psi and TC locked. Has turned out to be one of my favorite tunes so far. Pedal is not touchy like the Xtrm tunes but the power is there, feels like a bit more than street.

Amarillo through to NM- Tatum. GF driving the speed limit.
Boost was 7-9 psi for most of the time and EGTS in the high 500 low 600 when on level ground.
Xtreme Street

Tatum NM through to El Paso;
Xtreme Race, me driving, upwards of 85-90.

In El Paso, filled up again while in Xtrm Race but forgot to write the mileage down…

El Paso to Alamagordo
Xtreme St, me driving 75 mph intermittent tail and crosswind.
18.5 mpg

filled up a few more times, lotsa snow, ice, bad crosswinds..too tired/forgot to write mileage and Tune information.

Ok, on through to KS,
Filled up in Emporia AFTER using KEM 345 tune 16.84 mpg. Lots of hilly driving and crosswinds. Boost and EGTS were close to last time I used the KEM tune.

While in IOWA switched to Xtreme MPG tune. Did my uphill blast.. Filled up in IOWA, GF drove @ 70 mph 16.8 mpg.

I took over in IOWA, haven't topped off yet.

The MPG tune drives very well IMHO minus not getting the mpg that the xtreme st did. It builds boost very smoothly and has the best trans shifting of the IDP tunes i've used. I'm believing the 6.4 mileage is VERY rpm dependent.
The GF did NOT like the KEM tune. I'm ok w/ it and it feels like it has the same pedal feel as the IDP Xtreme tunes but the power comes on differently, almost a little softer at first.

I seemed to get the best MPG w/ the Xtreme St and the GF driving. I would have hopped to get better mpg from the KEM and the Xtreme MPG tune but I would need to keep my speed down & rpms down.
I will be doing some more hwy driving and will use those two tunes for comparsion purposes and the GF driving.

I would like to get some track or GPS/SCT data times to compare the KEM and various IDP tunes w/ but that will be at a later date.

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