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Located right outside of Sacramento (Folsom) and slowly making mods to my
'00 F250 CC 4x4 AUTO (6" lift, 35" tires, 6637DIY, 4"SS Turbo back..just got myself some EV2 gauges and about to order my Beans 6pos custom tuned after i get my PCM code lol )

I am wondering what are more or less the MOST popular parts yall are running when it comes to..--Hybrid Injectors--Turbos--Or any other mods that might be looked at twice over when going in to get your rig smogged.

Goals: I want a moderatly powerful truck. A decent amount of hp while still maintaning good mpg. The heaviest ill be towing for now, and in the near future is most likely topping out at 10k. But a majority of what ill be pulling will be boats, dbl trailer sea doos, some quads, my 636, camping equipment. All pretty decently light when it comes to the relm of towing.

Hoping that is a sufficent amount of information to get some decently detailed responses. Ill be appreciating every and all responses.


P.S.... Diesel shops IN and AROUND the Sacto area?? I already know of Pacific Diesel, Orangevale Diesel, Imler Diesel, but id like some insight on other shops that yall use for sweet upgrades.
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