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01 Ford F450, 4x4, CC utility body ex emergency vehicle (1st owner post sale). A/T.

Issue 1: Cut wires under dash coming out of same harness that the wires to the accelerator pedal come from; red, black, white, blue, and pink / blue. Pic below. I believe some of these are pass through but can't be certain.

Issue 2: Cut wires located on driver side, right by firewall, coming out of harness by the fuse relay panel. These are red, yellow, blue, and black.

Both of these had the wire harness areas repaired and stickers affixed noting Customer access / modification area - refer to diagrams -- but of course, they did not pass along.

I am ultimately after tracking down a rather large parasitic draw & straightening out the cruise control (aware cruise control is likely a different issue). & figure that tracking down what I need to do with these wires might be key. Cheers!



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