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Ok, so the major issues are gone, but still weird idle issue. New ICP and pigtail, IPR, HPOP, STICKS,UCVH's, RR, GRAY and DARK BLUE CPS, and AE. AE shows ICP and duty cycle to be good and passes buzz test. Using gray cps at moment cuz seemed to idle worse with dark blue one in. So at idle after warm it seems to be surging?? it drops 1-200 rpm and then back up...over and over. It's ok cold. Starts easily, but does have kind of a lot of white smoke until warm. I'm at a loss and wonder if it's tuning at this point.

It also has a really rough idle after a hard run. Someone said it might be the HPX over line, but I figured it would still be a benefit.

Just did another cylinder contribution test and came up with cylinder 2 AND 8 balance fault after hard run. 8 has been consistent and just thought it was the gray cps.

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