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Well, as I had said, our stocker has eaten itself.
It will at the very least need a new compressor wheel and housing and a rebuild kit. Haven't taken the DP off to inspect the turbine wheel or housing.

Its been a surge-tastic little bastard ever since we owned it. Had a Wicked Wheel in it.

So, being at 6000 feet, looking at doing either AC codes or another single shot 160cc option, is a modded stocker just going to eat itself alive again?

Not to mention, is it worth saving maybe $500 to not do the GTP38R?

With its stock injectors, only pushing 1780PSI high pressure oil (yeah, I know hahaha) it would still consistently build 27PSI.

I mean, $450 for the ported compressor housing, $100 for a new wicked wheel, $125+ for the rebuild (I might try doing it myself, if not I can imagine $200+ in labor)
I dunno if a bigger turbine housing would help the surge, but if so $$+ for that, and this is all assuming our cartridge is good, and our turbine and turbine housing are good. Let alone the shaft, etc...

Or.... I split the cost with my dad (it's his truck, I just fix it and get my hands on it as frequently as possible hahaha) and buy the GTP38R from Bob as thanks for the hours he's taken of his time to clear up some things for me (thanks again Dieselsite for your exceptional customer service!! Even though I haven't bought anything yet!)

Can anyone shed some light here?

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If you were at sea level and on a tight budget I'd say build a stocker with a 1.0 or 1.15 ex housing and wicked wheel, but at 6000 ft I would say I'd be way better with the BB to help spool up, plus they flow more air, any bit helps at that elv. Do you tow? AC's with stock charger at high elv. could yeild hi egts running at full capacity. If your going to keep the truck forever and gong to be changing inj and so on, it's worth the upgrade at that elv., IMO. If you found a great deal on a van turbo, that could be tuned to work well too, it's all in the tuning!
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