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Mobil 1 Synthetic

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Anyone seen this on the shelf yet?
Synthetic Diesel formula
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I saw this at Wal-Mart for $22 per gallon. I would like to know if it is any good. Can't find any first hand feedback about it though. Maybe someone will chime in.
Not sure about the diesel oil , but the mobil is some good stuff. We use around 9 tankers a year of engine oil at work. Used to have chevron, switched to another brand because of carbon deposits, it got worse. Then we flushed an engine, did a major overhaul on it, and put in the mobil. Ever since, ---no carbon! Keep in mind this is a two stroke, natural gas fired, large frame low rpm engine. But, the moral of the story is, mobil makes some good crap. I'll try it out and post back in a few months. If you can imagine being in a 55 gallon drum head first up to your waist with head studs hitting you about a foot apart in the legs, all the while using a scraper/ screwdriver/ hammer, or whatever will wrok to beat carbon out of the ports on a cyl.....get the point? Once we saw it worked good, we switched out all our oil to the mobil stuff. It actually washed a lot of the carbon out by itself.(detergent type oil) We did have to wipe some out of crankcases where it had dropped out nad fell in the oil pan, but thats very easy compared to standing on your head in a hot cyl. bore. It costs more, but is cheaper in the long run. May not be the best for these , but I'll bet its good stuff.
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22 dollars a gallon I will stick to my free John Deere Plus 50.
22 dollars a gallon I will stick to my free John Deere Plus 50.
Got any extra???????
yeah 30-40 gallons
I've used it. I traded 4 gallons and a filter for an electrical service call at an autoparts store. I beleive they wanted around $23 a gallon for it. I had no issues with it, I normally run Rotella 5-40 Syn.

How do you come up with that much extra oil?

How much would sell shipped to 76012? LOL
I'm a tech at a John Deere dealer and I keep all the extra oil it adds up fast I stopped doing that when I got 50 gallons and I will start saving it again when I get down to 12 gallons.
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