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MICHIGAN anything?

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When's there going to be an event in michigan?? I'd like to go watch, or dyno my truck:ford::ford::poke:
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I belive they are in Holland IIRC.
Merchant is in Holland.
I want in!
Sorry you didn't have a good time. We welcomed everyone to come, dodge boys, Fords and Dmax. We had a truck pull & race.

Next year we are trying to have the Diesel Event for One day at a larger spot with Dyno & Truck Pulls. We (Merchant Automotive) hope that you can come.

I know my husband & I enjoy coming down to Smokn' in the spring, just like Diane said. We are just a few Dmax's compared to the Fords, but love it anyway. We look forward to TN next year. Hopefully you all will be there too, so we can meet you.

Welcome Beth!!!!!

We missed your event this past time because of our move. When do think your event will be next year?

We will be there!!! :D

The Merchant guys are some of the best group of Durmaxes I have ever met. They are great peeps also. Merchant will be doing the rebuild of my 2002 LB7 this winter. Looking to be Nasty Girls sister. :rockwoot:

Merchant will be doing the rebuild of my 2002 LB7 this winte
Hey Diane, my buddy want's to know when the F5 for the Duramax is coming out?
Here's a pic of all of us lined up at Auto Zone last winter.
(Before Garrett got his slow beast! :pointlaugh:)
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are you linin up again this winter?
We should before too long here. Just have to pick a day & a spot like Auto Zone, Meijers or TSC again. Really depends how many people we get to show up.

& for the record that isn't me looking at the blue truck, I was taking the picture & I'm bald! :poke:
what city do you plan on meeting? Cause I definatly want to show up and check out everyone's rides, for a little while!
Im down, we need some new pictures!
Probley in Lapeer, not just because it's my area but because it's not too far for everyone around here. Trailerhauler, hop onto I69 & head East till you hit M24. It shouldn't take take you too long to get here. I have to talk to my people & set up a time. Plan on TSC off of M21 right next to Wal-Mart. That's where we all met up with JohnT, even got a cop to stop in & say that we had nice trucks. :D
Yeah, set up a time by then I'll have my chip in and you can check it out! and I'll definatly let you know if I have any trouble and need some help...
I'll try to talk to my people tomorrow! ;)
We should plan to head to Silver Lake Dunes next summer. I went there for the first time in october (I think the 6 or 13... one of those saturday). I went with a buddy that had one of those VW Rail buggies. We had a blast. Back then I didn't know much about the Diesel crowd. I am actually buying a truck today 1999.5 6speed 2wd. I plan on riding the dunes with the truck. It won't be the best out there but it will cruise around... Plus I could haul my buddy's Buggy.

BTW I'm in Holland Mi for now. I'm doing an intership here. From January to May I will be down in Dayton OH going to school but then during the summer I will be back in the intership ready for some dunes!!!
Sounds good, but chances are I won't be about to make that. I plan on moving out of state in the spring. So I don't know, just make sure that you have tow hooks on that Dually. 2wd Duallys get stuck too easy!
Yeah I know, Cat! Who thinks I'll at least be able to make it across the rather flat part throught the middle to the beach?? I wouldn't even bother trying to climb the dunes but how about making it to the beach? And what possible damage could the sand do to my truck anyhow, out of curiousity??
The main thing with 2wd Diesels is not to stop moving once you get going. My Ma's or any other 2wd Diesel I've seen will drive right through wet grass or mud but if you slow down or stop your in trouble. Another thing is that they make you air down your tires out at Silver Lake. Not sure how well that will work with a Dually but just though I'd throw that out there. I've never been out there, we were going to go out there but the trucks weren't ready so it got called off. Just make sure that you have another Diesel or big truck out there to give you a tug if / when you get stuck.
For problems......I'd probley make sure that you cleaned everything off good afterwards & make sure you get all of the sand off of the brakes. I never really wheeled in sand, mud & snow yes, but sand no.
Well my trailer pulling friend, are we still planning on a Diesel get together next weekend?
Next weekend may or may not be a go ahead, I'm going to missouri thanksgiving(thursday) and friday. I'll be home saturday and sunday... If everyone gets together on saturday for an hour I'd like to show up see everyone's rides
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