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MICHIGAN anything?

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When's there going to be an event in michigan?? I'd like to go watch, or dyno my truck:ford::ford::poke:
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I like everyone's ideas, We just need to get something together in mid, to lower michigan or even uper ohio, indiana area. It's way to boring around here, Theres' no one to compare and compete with around my neck of the woods. We need to arrange something sometime, dyno, pulls, anything!
Silver Lake??
I'd go but I can't take my truck!!! Its 2wd :( It will be pointless I could kick myself for not getting the 4, but the deal was right...
I want in!
are you linin up again this winter?
what city do you plan on meeting? Cause I definatly want to show up and check out everyone's rides, for a little while!
Yeah, set up a time by then I'll have my chip in and you can check it out! and I'll definatly let you know if I have any trouble and need some help...
Yeah I know, Cat! Who thinks I'll at least be able to make it across the rather flat part throught the middle to the beach?? I wouldn't even bother trying to climb the dunes but how about making it to the beach? And what possible damage could the sand do to my truck anyhow, out of curiousity??
Next weekend may or may not be a go ahead, I'm going to missouri thanksgiving(thursday) and friday. I'll be home saturday and sunday... If everyone gets together on saturday for an hour I'd like to show up see everyone's rides
let me know what you got in mind
Yeah that'd be fine to, Let me know as soon as you figure it out
Michigan lost. Get over it.
Hey, you know what?

You're prolly right! :doh::D
Aside from being the "Motor City" I'm not sure what else there is up here. Oh wait we have the Carhartt HQ here so take that!
As far as sports go I don't know, I don't watch em!

Yeah I haven't watched sports this season or really last.... Diesel competition is better anyway!
I like michigan but lately its been pissing me off, if the winter this year doesn't please me I ought to follow cat out of state!
Don't know depends on how many trailers I'm pulling!? :D
Call me crazy but its not even a dually...
:confused: What?

yeah, I'm likin the idea of a group truck ride more and more! If I go I'll bring my 450R, and Z400 quads, and my truck! anyways, Cat get me a time for next sunday If you want to do that!?
Also I want stacks to!! Bull Haulers maybe?
I'll make some phone calls tomorrow & I'll post up some more info. You better not be bringing no Emo gasser friends of yours from the city.
Diesels only! :D
#### NO! I hate emo kids they make me want to cut them up, more than just thier wrists! :pointlaugh:
KK, I'll wait to hear!
CAT? what happened to sunday?? when ya gonna get sometin together?
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