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MICHIGAN anything?

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When's there going to be an event in michigan?? I'd like to go watch, or dyno my truck:ford::ford::poke:
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There is Merchants Automotive in the spring, but that is mostly for dirtymaxs.
I second that. Went this year and hung out about and hour (long enough to look at the 5 fords that were there) and left. I think the oil burners need to invade the Dunes!! Black smoke against the golden sand looks very nice!!
Merchant is in Holland.
A 2wd dually might make it up to the dunes. Once your up you won't have a hard time getting thru the flats and to the beach but somethings the entrance road gets bouncing and you have to slow down too much. But your dually aired down to 14 in the rear and 16 up front will do amazing things in the sand but you won't be climbing many hills. I run around all the time in
2wd for fun but can't climb much. I grew up in Silver Lake and up until last year lived there for 25 years minus college (still only 40 minutes away though!). Its a good time even when you get stuck!

Few more pics
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I gotta keep looking at the stack pics cause I don't have them on right now! gotta run this for a little while longer!
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1 - 4 of 148 Posts
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