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MICHIGAN anything?

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When's there going to be an event in michigan?? I'd like to go watch, or dyno my truck:ford::ford::poke:
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There is usually an event put on by Merchant Automotive of Holland,MI in the spring.

Now before ya'll start throwing tomatoes....they are a great group of Duramax guys and they love us Ford people to come to their events. Heck, they drive down to our Smokin Event everytime we have one. :cool:

Sorry you didn't have a good time. We welcomed everyone to come, dodge boys, Fords and Dmax. We had a truck pull & race.

Next year we are trying to have the Diesel Event for One day at a larger spot with Dyno & Truck Pulls. We (Merchant Automotive) hope that you can come.

I know my husband & I enjoy coming down to Smokn' in the spring, just like Diane said. We are just a few Dmax's compared to the Fords, but love it anyway. We look forward to TN next year. Hopefully you all will be there too, so we can meet you.

Welcome Beth!!!!!

We missed your event this past time because of our move. When do think your event will be next year?

We will be there!!! :D

The Merchant guys are some of the best group of Durmaxes I have ever met. They are great peeps also. Merchant will be doing the rebuild of my 2002 LB7 this winter. Looking to be Nasty Girls sister. :rockwoot:

1 - 3 of 148 Posts
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