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Melling vs OEM LPOP

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Find Melling makes a replacement OEM pump M208. Some of you have them. What are the differences between these and the pump Navistar specs/installs?
In the winter time with temps near 0 and 5w40 weight synthetic oil I can still occasionally hit 80 psi if I apply too much skinny pedal before the oil is warmed up. This I am told is the pressure the filter will bypass the filtration element. Really don't want to do that on a regular basis. So what are the advantages of the Melling unit. I know, I know move to a warmer climate. If only I could get the University of Michigan to move to Kentucky.
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You can run 80psi of oil pressure and not hurt anything that is why there are valves in the system to control the pressure. The advantages of the Melling pump are around 10% more volume. In my case, that means I wasn't pulling the HPOP reservoir down to 5 psi on a hard pull.
Do you mean the LPO would fall to 5 psi as measured at the HPOP reservoir?
Ah, yes, if you were expecting all of the oil to get to the reservoir through that little port in the front cover, then yes. I can absolutely see why it was dropping pressure. But that would still be rpm related, not throttle related. In that case the lube oil pump capacity was coming up with the volume usage of the high pressure system, it just couldn't all get through the feed port and was going elsewhere instead.

The additional feed line is why the issue was resolved, not the lube oil pump change. I have never run the truck without the additional -6 feeding the reservoir.

How/where did you feed the HPOP reservoir from. I have noted my LPO pressure warning light blink in my Spa tech gauge (set at 9 psi) occasionally at WOT. I initially thought it was due to low fuel pressure but that LED is a different color. I could not explain the OP finding as the reservoir since the transducer looks are the rear main bearing through the port on the driver's side near the tranny housing. I have heard of such rapid oil flow that the flow through the pickup cannot keep up. Modifying the pickup seems to fix that but I will not get to that until the engine is pulled.
Both are on my to-do list along with the better water pump from powerstrokeshop and the 31 row tranny cooler... All of which will probably be done at the same time...
What is better about the powerstrokeshop waterpump?
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