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Here's my exp today laying in the mud and gravel (new shop is 35 miles away). All in all it went pretty good except for my own mistakes.

Before installing top DP check the fit of the collar to the DP, mine was pretty far off inside, some light blows with a rusty ball peen hammer smoothed it out.

And just so you can see why you want to do this, here's what the turbo has to deal with stock.

Unbolting the CAT was where I started (by accident) last night, then top cut on the stock DP, MBRP instructions say start below in front of the CAT but I didn't have enough room.

Then from the bottom.

This went surprisingly fast, I had a rechargeble Ryobi and only used 1 blade and 1 bat. Next was test fitting the top DP. Don't force it down, I did and cost myself 30min getting it back out. See where the interference is and use a pry bar (I used a 5ft piece of 1 1/2 pipe) to smash the pinch weld on the firewall. If the DP doesn't drop in easily you need more clearance. I had mine in and snuged twice before getting it right.

Next was flaring the lower DP for the straight pipe 3 - 3 1/2. Pretty crude but it worked.

Then getting the lower DP welded to the straight pipe that connects to the tail pipe. I went with 3 1/2" to match what I had.

Here was 1 of those measure once cut twice :doh: moments. I got 7ft shoulda got 8.

I hope this will help anyone fearing the DP overcome and get dirty! The whole thing took less than 3 hrs including mistakes.

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dude thatnx for the write up AND pix. i am going to install mine soon and this helped to "see" the issues. thanx again!
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