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MBRP Cool Dual Issues?

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Ordered a mbrp 4" cool dual kit for my buddies 99 and he's having major issues getting it to fit right. The drivers side tailpipe is rubbing his gooseneck hitch.

Tried it a bunch of different ways and just can't get things to line up right? Anyone that has installed one of these kits ever have issues? Anyone with suggestions?
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I was about to say the few I have seen have rubbed the spare but did not seem to be hurting it. I want that kit for my OBS truck just no funds stacks look cool but have there issues also (soot ruined clothes) and having a short bed with goose neck in it plus a tool box just seems like it would get busy quickly. Soo I have been looking for a kit (duals) that will let me keep the spare under the truck. Looks like so far I will get the flo-pro dual muffler, and a little z looking piece of 4" to zig the muffler inward so the existing pass. side pipe can stay were it is. Next hurdle will be the drivers side tail pipe looks like alot of one off fitting .
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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