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Re: Matt vs. Jeret to benefit Wounded Warriors @ NADM Crandall pp [email protected]

Okay ladies and gentlemen. The R4TW website is now up and fully running.

Do to changes we made, the shipping is now much easier and simple to take care of, and....We have an online store where you can make a donation and receive R4TW decals, shirts, and soon some more items that appeal to our community. The wristband order is now being produced, so those of you who want them. I know who have already ordered them, and they will be aboard the first thing smokin' your way as soon as I get them. For everyone else, Check the website next week for them to be in the store.

R4TW has a new PayPal account that you can find on the website for any further donations, so go check it out and leave us a note on the guestbook page.

Thank you all for the support, and just for the chance you provided Jap, Andy, and myself to do something awesome for our fellow vets.
661 - 670 of 670 Posts