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Cargo Ease is a well-known brand, that offers some of the most reliable cargo solutions on today's market. When you need to get some heavy stuff moved from point A to point B they know exactly how to make this process easier and more convenient for you. Today we'd like to introduce their newest addition to product line – Universal Cargo Crane. In case you need to haul something extremely tough and there's nobody around to lend you a helping hand, this accessory will become your reliable helper. It has a 750-pound lift capacity and uses a 4,000-pound hydraulic ram and uses standard class 3 trailer hitch. Combine it with a set of Cargo Ease Bed Slides and make your life significantly easier!

Cargo Ease® CE-750 - Cargo Crane


- Universal hitch crane
- 750 lbs lift capacity
- Uses standard class 3 trailer hitch with a tongue weight rating of 500lbs +
- Ramps attached to frame
- Adjustable cranes Left & Right
- Comes with a hand brake winch and does not block the tail gate.

Cargo Ease® - Bed Slide


- Allows for up to 70% extension
- Powder coated steel frames for added safety
- Aluminum side rails for added safety
- Plywood deck with a synthetic carpet
- Spring release T-handle regulates cargo load space
- Sealed roller bearings for improved reliability
- 3 locking positions – in, half-way out, and fully extended
- Tough linkage lock mechanism
- Comes fully assembled.

Cargo Ease™ | Bed Slides & Truck Accessories —

Find the best cargo management solution for your Ford with Cargo Ease!​
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