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I see DDP uses LPM - Liters Per Minute.

That seems like A LOT of fuel, a litre every minute?

Seems it should be more like Litres Per Hour.

School me
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I have proposed many times that a standard be created.

I have stated that I would like to see 4ms pulsewidth, 2800psi ICP and 1000 shots.

That will give you a repeatable number to work with in CC's per 1000.

I personally do the same kind of test again at say 2ms pulsewidth, 1500psi ICP and 1000 shots.

This gives a nice look into how that injector is going to work at a part throttle situation, as the truck runs 99% of it's life. A junk nozzle will show up here.

That's the only reliable, and worthwhile method of describing an injector's qualitys that I know of.

Hmmmm....wonder how Charles came up with that....Oh I know.
Injection pumps are calibrated the same way...CCs/1000 strokes. I have to set the Full load at spec'd RPM and then at idle RPM, then hopefully the torque run falls in which it does when overhauling a pump with good parts.

Our injectors are basically single injection pumps for each cylinder that use oil to get the pressure.

I would also like to see a standard.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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