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help black smoke lots of work!!!!


Ok so here we go first the truck is a 2005 with the 6.0 I will list what I have replaced 1st then what problems I am having.
brand new
1. arp head studs
2. black onxy gaskets
3. new valve guides
4. 2 new valves
5. resurfaced heads pressure check ect.
6. up date hpop kit
7. oil cooler
8. egr delete kit (this one leaves the egr valve in place so i cleaned and reinstalled but does give uppipe and coolant by pass)
9. new injector washers and o rings (NOT NEW injectors them selves)
10. cleaned back side of turbo carbon build up rust ect
11. ficm was changed by for 10k ago
12. new altinator

did all this work b/c it was puking out the degas bottel also had a shutter at highway speed which ford said was due to injector issues. also had turbo stick once or twice but it was awhile back. Note not really any smoke at this time!!! so I did the work above and now that I have done the work I have started the vehicle and it smokes big time. when i fist start it the smoke is black and has no power. as it warms up the smoke turns grey and even kinda white at times untill you floor it then it go's black again. (ok power after warm) there is also an knock on the passager side when you floor it but only knocks for a couple of seconds then quits. finnally the shutter at highway speeds is maybe even worse but go's away if you let off gas or floor it. so how do I tell if this is a turbo or fuel injector or something else? also why did it not do this before the work? please help!!!!!
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