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I've searched many threads for ideas and here I am.

I have 2" leveling kit, and bush wacker fender flares that give 3" more fender at the top. Currently have dc mud country 315/75/16 on stockers (bit too big for the wheels but they fit). With out the fenders the tires stick out 1", with fenders the tires look 2" too small width wise. I want a full width look.

Looking for cheap wheel route. I want to go to an 18" wheel all black 10" wide, maybe some bead lock look, high weight rating for towing and general over loading. I like the minimal look of some metal motos, or tanks teflons. Heck I'd go with some steel shwag rims if it was a good deal and they did not look bad. I do not like shiny nice things cause I will dent and scratch it, let alone cleaning my truck which gets way dirty. I do not know about back spacing, as above I would like them to stick out a bit more than the stock wheels with the 315/75's. 2" more. Mind you 12.5" tires are wide enough for me, so back spacing may be my issue.

I want to stick with the 35"-36" tires. Whatever I can get the best deal on really with a higher rated mud tire like the toyo mt's. This is where I think the money is worth spending. As I have destroyed cheap tires quick like.

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