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I have purchased some American Racing AR969 Ansen Offroad Satin Black wheels (AR96989087700) for a 2002 F-350 4x4 SWB.

They are 18x9 wheels with a 8x170 bolt pattern.

I’m a little confused on the lug nuts I need for this setup. I know I need M14mmx2.0 pitch lug nuts, however, I don’t know additional details on this.

1. Conical seat vs extended thread (ET) seats?

2. Spline vs Acorn?

3. Length? (I put one wheel on a hub and stuck a small depth gauge alongside one lug nut until it bottomed out inside the wheel, I got about 1-1/4” from where it makes contact inside the wheel to the end of the lug nut). Does this mean I need a lugnut at least 1.5 inches long?

I have an additional question concerning hub centering rings and if they are needed or not. In addition to the 4 hub caps I got with the rim, I also ordered two open end caps (part # 899060MB) before of the locking hubs on the front axle.

4. Do these caps take the place of any needed hub centering caps? They do install from the back of the rim.

5. One of my plastic caps had a large O’ring inside the for the other 3, the O’ring was missing. What are these for and do I need to contact my distributor for the missing ones?

6. If the flange of the caps looks like they protrude slightly beyond the wheel’s chamfer, does this mean I might have the wrong caps?

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