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looking at buying a 6.0

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I was looking at a 04 f350 6.0 king ranch with 104k on it. Has ARP studs and egr delete. Should I even waste my time looking at it. Truck is in great shape and been a 7.3 guy forever but want something different. What's your thoughts going to have trouble down the road or no worries
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They all have trouble IMO. The reason we buy 6.0 is because you can get them cheap, bulletproof and mod them for less then you would spend on a beat up 7.3, at least in my neck of the woods. Old 7.3's sell for around 5k more then I paid for my 6.0. So basically I got a 6.0 because I needed a diesel and got a great deal and knew the weak points. I choose to get those addressed before they bit me in the you know. So I guess my advise would be get it cheap dump the money needed and have fun. They really are great trucks if you do the proper work AND have that work done CORRECTLY.
Google "looking at buying a 6.0". I swear I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of threads titled this.
Wouldn't be a bad idea to have something to monitor eot and ect with you on a good test drive. They shouldn't be more than 15 degrees apart, as a general rule. Some say less, nobody really a says anymore then 15 is ok.
Yea I was kinda on the same page with being able to spend some money on fixing know problems on a 6.0 and still be ahead of buying a brand new diesel. Thanks for your help
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