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Long crank to start

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We have a 1994 F-350 Powerstroke with starting/running problems. It has to be cranked an extra long time to start and then sometimes it won't start at all or will start and die. We already tried changing glo plugs and the relay but if anything it got worse. We have already had to rebuild the starter once due to the long crank time. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks, Bud
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I had a hard start issue last year. I changed glow plugs and batteries. That did not help. Then I removed the battery cables and installed new ones. the old ones showed no sign of corrosion, but I did it on the advise of someone I trust. That was the problem. Even thought the cables looked OK, they were indeed failing. The truck starts better now that it ever has. If I were you, I would also look into the battery cables. I got mine from because they had the best price around.
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